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Welcome to LifeChurch 

We are a community of people on a journey – just like you. Along the way, we have discovered a love and

a purpose in Christ, our Savior, that we cannot find anywhere else.

We are a genuine, friendly, and casual family of people who are continually searching for more of God.

LifeChurch, formerly known as Williston Assembly of God, was started in 1913 at the address of 18 Main. As the church continued to grow, different buildings and addresses were used until LifeChurch settled into its current building and location in 1984. Our church is part of a fellowship called the Assemblies of God, which began in the early 1900’s. The Assemblies of God was formed by a group of people that realized a need to organize to be an effective movement to send missionaries worldwide to share God’s Word and plan of salvation.


If you’d like to know more about our doctrine and what we believe, click here.


Are you ready to start living the abundant life?

Jesus told us that He came so we could have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10).  

Living the abundant life is God’s desire for you!  


Here at LifeChurch we are committed to seeing people live the abundant life.  

We experience this abundant life as the Holy Spirit helps us do three things.  


First, we must encounter Jesus.  

Jesus is alive and He is still transforming lives today. He wants to encounter you!  


Second, we must love each other.  

We are family - the family of God - and we are commanded by Jesus to love each other.  

Jesus said we would be known as His disciples if we have love for one another.  

Third, we must take Light into dark places.  

So many people are living in darkness, and Jesus has come as the Light of the world.  

It’s time to let the Light of Jesus shine brightly through you!


Come join us if you are ready to start living the abundant life!

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