Welcome to LifeChurch 

We are a community of people on a journey – just like you. Along the way, we have discovered a love and

a purpose in Christ, our Savior, that we cannot find anywhere else.

We are a genuine, friendly, and casual family of people who are continually searching for more of God.

LifeChurch, formerly known as Williston Assembly of God, was started in 1913 at the address of 18 Main. As the church continued to grow, different buildings and addresses were used until LifeChurch settled into its current building and location in 1984. Our church is part of a fellowship called the Assemblies of God, which began in the early 1900’s. The Assemblies of God was formed by a group of people that realized a need to organize to be an effective movement to send missionaries worldwide to share God’s Word and plan of salvation.


If you’d like to know more about our doctrine and what we believe, click here.


We are all on a journey in this life. We are all looking for something.

We believe that wherever you may be on your journey, here at LifeChurch you will find three things:


Not just the ones you can hang out with on the weekends, but the ones who will walk life’s

ups and downs with you. The ones who will celebrate your victories and challenge you in your faith.

Real friends. Genuine friends.


Whether you’re searching for Him or not, you’ll experience a beautiful presence of God that

brings peace, joy, and purpose.


You have a purpose; a calling. We want to help you discover that and release you into a world of hurt

and pain to shed some light and bring hope to those around you.