Office Administrator 

The Office Administrator is a part of the team that leads LifeChurch Assembly of God.  Serving this area of ministry is one of the most vital to the function and operation of the church to those it serves. The Office Administrator serves the role of, “ministry of first impressions.” The Office Administrator is the first contact that many will have with LifeChurch Assembly of God. As such, this area of ministry functions as an ambassador to the community and the church as a representative of the Pastoral Staff, the church, and the ministries and people represented by them. The responsibilities of the Office Administrator include:

- Living as a person of moral and spiritual integrity. As a representative of the church and pastoral staff, it is vital that the Office Administrator maintain a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ-being intentional in personal spiritual growth.  It is also important that the Office Administrator conduct themselves with high moral standards and integrity due to the nature of the responsibilities of this ministry.


- Help the pastoral staff maintain the church calendar and scheduled events.


- Construct and design a professional looking church bulletin with guidance and counsel from the Executive Pastor when necessary. This publication is a primary representation of the ministry and function of LifeChurch Assembly of God.


- Answer the phone, take messages for the pastoral staff and relay them in a timely manner.


- Facilitate the day to day office operations such as mail and other correspondence. 


- Maintain an orderly office and orderly records of vital church information.

- Maintain supplies in the office, ordering when necessary and purchasing items locally when possible.


- Protect confidences that may be shared by individuals dispensing information within the confines of the office or with the pastoral staff.  


- Maintain the church’s financial bookkeeping system. Pay bills, run payroll, complete deposits, run giving statements once a year for congregation or as requested by a giver.


- Prepare the monthly board meeting dockets with the financial reports, meeting minutes, agenda, and other pertinent information for the meeting. 

- Count the weekly offering in accordance with the church’s policy. For the protection of the Office Administrator and their reputation, they should never be left alone while counting the money and have accountability to the pastoral staff and board.

- Report necessary information to the pastoral staff concerning immediate needs within the church that pertain to people needs, ministry needs, or the church structure.

- If first to arrive at the church, unlock Door 4 and Office doors.

- If leaving the building during the day and there is no one else in the building, close and lock all office doors.

- The Office Administrator is an hourly employee. Vacation time will be a matter determined by the Executive Pastor. The Office Administrator will be responsible for keeping track of vacation days taken.

- The Office Administrator will serve the church and the pastoral staff with a cooperative spirit and attitude. If matters of discourse should arise, the pastor and staff will approach every matter biblically and prayerfully (Matthew 18, Eph. 4:26).

- Pray for the pastors and the leadership team on a regular basis.

- Enjoy the ministry of “First Impressions” and witnessing the impact of your ministry on the lives of those you serve!”